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We at Inergy are continuously working to improve the ways in which to help you stay energy conscious and informed. Below is our new dashboard tour video and some demand management tips!

Explore Your Inergy Account

Use the linked image to sign in to your account:

How to turn ON Data notifications:

We strongly suggest you make sure your notifications are turned on so you’ll know if your DMS has gone offline or your demand limit is being exceeded.

Log into your dashboard account.
From your home screen, please select "Account Settings" from the upper right hand corner: Ensure the Demand Warning and Data Flow notifications are listed as enabled.

Is your house getting warmer than expected?
You can now make adjustments to your Demand Limits Directly.

New Dashboard Information Video

How to disable your demand manager:

Please note that we recommend this option for emergencies, off peak hours and weekends only, as turning off your demand management system will likely result in higher bills during on peak periods.

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