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Here are some steps to make sure your thermostat is set correctly:   

Venstar Thermostat Wifi Setup  

  1. Select Menu & arrow down to Wi-Fi & then select Set-up.  
  2. The thermostat will start “Scanning for Networks”.  
  3. A list of available Wifi networks will be displayed. Please click on your wireless network. NOTE: If the bars are yellow, then the signal is poor and will be an issue  
  4. The Setup screen will be displayed with the SSID name and the security type filled in. Click on the Password space.  
  5. The Enter Password screen will be displayed. Enter the pass key being careful to enter any numbers, lower and upper case letters correctly. Once the password has been entered, click “Done”.  
  6. Then click “Next.  
  7. Click “Next” again.  
  8. It will take up to 30 seconds for the thermostat to connect to the Wifi network.  
  9. Once it has connected, it will display “Success; Connection to (network name) established”. Click on “OK”.  
  10. On the Wi-Fi screen Click “Local API Options”. The Local API needs to be turned “ON”  
  11. On main Menu the SkyPort must be Off, as well as the weather under Skyport settings  
  12. Be sure local schedules are turned off.



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